• CO Secretary of State: Secure Business Filing

    DENVER, Colo– As part of its ongoing business system upgrade and the office’s dedication to ensuring that Colorado remains among the best states in the country to do business, the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office provides Secure Business Filing for all Colorado businesses registered with the office, free of charge.  This is a resource Colorado businesses can utilize to help protect themselves from business identity theft. 

    “Business identity theft can cause major damage to a business’s credit and standing,” said Secretary of State Jena Griswold.  “Secure Business Filing is a free tool that can be used as a level of protection for hard-working Colorado business owners to help businesses preserve their good credit and good name.”  

    Secure Business Filing is a service that provides protection using an email address and password, giving exclusive access to the password holder to make additional filings or update their record.  Users can create a new account conveniently online and once Secure Business Filing is set up, authorized users can be added by using their unique email addresses.

    Business identity theft is a crime in which a business’s identity is often used to establish lines of credit with banks or retailers. With these lines of credit, the identity thieves buy items that can be exchanged for cash or sold with relative ease. The damage can be devastating to the victim’s business with credit history damage or denial of credit leading to operational problems.  

    The Colorado Secretary of State, the Colorado Attorney General, and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation ID Theft Unit have developed a Business Identity Theft Resource Guide to provide businesses with the information necessary to avoid and reduce the threat of business identity theft while also assisting businesses that have fallen victim to these crimes.