• FRCC Waiving Fees

    Students Can Get College Credit for What They've Already Learned—for Free

    FRCC is waiving fees to help students earn credit for their previous learning and expertise.

    Students at FRCC can earn college credit for their outside training and experience—without ever stepping foot in a classroom. They can take what they’ve learned in previous work or life experiences and put that knowledge to work toward a degree or certificate.
    “Throughout their lives, most people learn a lot outside of a traditional academic environment,” said Dean Debra Throgmorton. “By formally evaluating and recognizing their expertise, we can help them get closer to earning a college credential.”

    Credit for Prior Learning

    Students who earn credit for prior learning finish college faster because they don’t have to take classes in the subjects they’ve already mastered. On average they save between $1,600 and $6,000 in the process—and a lot of time and effort as well.
    Students who apply for and earn credit for prior learning are more likely to complete a college credential than students who don’t. FRCC students can earn credit for knowledge or skills that they’ve acquired through:
    • Work and life experiences
    • On-the-job training
    • Community and volunteer extension courses
    • Military training
    • Individual study and reading
    • Civic, community and volunteer work
    • Participation in informal courses and training sponsored by associations, business, government or industry

    Fees Waived Through April

    FRCC evaluates a student’s prior knowledge or skills to see if they qualify for college credit. The evaluation can be done through an exam or a portfolio that demonstrates the applicable knowledge. Students who show that they’ve mastered the subject matter are granted college credit for what they already know.
    This assessment process usually has a cost associated with it—although the fee is always significantly lower than what it costs to take a full college course. But starting November 15, applying for credit for prior learning at FRCC is free.
    “Now is the best possible time to seek credit for your prior learning, since the fees will be waived starting next week through April 30, 2023,” according to Instructional Dean Debra Throgmorton. A grant from the Colorado Community College System has enabled FRCC to temporarily waive these fees for all students.

    Learn More About PLA—and Apply for FREE

    Credit for Prior Learning
    Bilingual Informational Event
    November 15
    5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
    Join us online!
    During this event, you will hear from a core group of advisors and faculty who will provide all the information you need and answer any questions you may have.
    Register now to learn about this great opportunity to get a head start on your degree.

    Increasing Equity

    “By waiving the fees, we’re aiming to provide this option to all students more equitably,” said Throgmorton. “Our goal is to increase students’ access to earning credit for prior learning.”
    FRCC anticipates that these current efforts will directly help increase credential attainment by adult students of color. In particular, the college expects the fee waiver to directly help many of FRCC’s Latinx adult learners who are already on-track to earn a credential.
    “By formally recognizing our adult learners’ applicable existing skills, we will help students who are already on their way to a degree or certificate to complete their credential faster and at less expense,” added Throgmorton.