• Industry Focus: Manufacturing in Colorado

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    August 12, 2019

    Industry Focus: Manufacturing in Colorado

    As Published By: State Chamber 


    Number of Manufacturing Jobs in Colorado: 147,510 Employees (2018)
    Number of Manufacturing Companies in Colorado: 4,814 (2016)
    Impact on the State Economy: $24.28 Billion in Total Output (2017)
    (Source: National Association of Manufacturing, 2019 Colorado Manufacturing Facts)

    The manufacturing industry is critical to the Colorado economy and many prominent companies are valued members of the Colorado Chamber of Commerce. Due to the state’s central geographic location and skilled workforce, Colorado is an ideal place for manufacturing companies to call home.

    The Colorado Chamber has a long history in the manufacturing community. In 1965, The Colorado Chamber merged with the state manufacturer’s association and since then, the organization has remained the Colorado affiliate for the National Association of Manufacturers.

    Employment data by region (as of 2016):

    Western region = 855 manufacturing companies employ approximately 8,754 workers

    Southern region = 696 manufacturing companies employ approximately 16,600 workers

    Metro Denver region = 3,227 manufacturing companies employ approximately 86,279 workers

    Northern region = 917 manufacturing companies employ approximately 30,423 workers

    (Source: Manufacturing in Colorado Report written by Dr. Tatiana Bailey, Director of University of Colorado on behalf of CAMA.)