• Wayne Anderson: Creating Better Leaders for Tomorrow

    Employee training and development are frequently relegated to a line item on the budget that is isolated and often overlooked. When employees begin working, companies view training as crucial, but many of them never offer additional training after those initial days. Although education and growth should not be viewed as a perk, many organizations across the world view additional training and development as frills that can be sacrificed during lean times or when they must meet other priorities.


    So, to tackle the challenge of consistent people development, communication, and development of consistent culture and people preparation, Mr. Wayne Anderson founded Leadership Science Institute, LLC (LSI) in 2009. LSI is a highly specialized people development organization that provides coaching, training, and skills assessments to individuals seeking to improve themselves and their careers. It offers exclusive leadership training programs to help commercial and organizational professionals improve their abilities. Being a boutique people development company, LSI utilizes more than 200 skills assessment metrics in detailed one-on-one training plans specific to every client’s need.

    “The Leadership Science Institute, LLC (LSI) started with the idea of helping others succeed. That idea started with me wanting to share my executive experiences with others and guide them to success. LSI has since evolved into the whole-person people development center we are today,”– explained Mr. Anderson. “We offer a one-stop shop for people development. With the integration of skills assessments and training, blended with coaching, we target professional and personal development needs for individuals, teams, and organizations.”

    Leading the Way

    Mr. Anderson is the senior international Executive Leadership Coach, Founder, and CEO of LSI. He is a senior executive and Certified Master Coach with an equal blend of technical, business, managerial and public sector skills developed during his experience with several Fortune 500 companies and local municipalities. He has held the position of Senior Vice President and divisional CIO for several multi-billion dollar organizations. In addition, he is Certified in Applied Neuroscience.

    With his unique ability to help his clients attract, retain, develop and motivate outstanding management and professional leaders, Mr. Anderson has extensive experience in helping his clients with leadership coaching and training to develop their professional staff.

    “When I was in the corporate world, my expertise was in information technology (IT). Although I was successful in the senior IT roles that I held, the success rate for most senior IT executives was fairly low. I left my senior corporate position to write a book to help these individuals. The book, “Unwrapping the CIO,” was published, and I began coaching CIOs. Later, many non-CIOs began to pursue my services. Now, I coach and train all types of leaders,”– he said.

    As a publicly elected official, Mr. Anderson held the positions of City Council Member and County Commissioner for the City and County of Broomfield in the State of Colorado from November 2011 to March 2015. In addition to that, he was an Adjunct Professor in Business and Management at Front Range Community College in Westminster, Colorado.

    Mr. Anderson frequently speaks and writes on how to succeed in executive and professional positions, create thriving organizations, and be an effective leader. He has authored several books, including, Unwrapping the CIO: Demystifying the Chief Information Officer Position, Powerful People Are Powerful IT Professionals: Your Daily Guide to Becoming a Powerful Information Systems Person, I Am Unemployed … Now What Do I Do?: An Organized Approach to Becoming Employed, and I Am An Unemployed Christian … Now What Do I Do?: An Organized Approach to Becoming An Employed Christian.

    He is also the author of the mini-book series, Wayne’s Pocket Leadership Series, which can be obtained free of charge from the LSI bookstore.

    Creating Better Professionals

    As a people development company, LSI blends skill assessments, coaching, and training for individuals to provide whole-person development through effective coaching programs and innovative learning techniques to develop strong and effective leaders across the planet. LSI’s entirely distinctive model allows the organization to partner with its clients to design the right development path for their organizations and people. This unique model utilizes several types of coaching, neuroscience, and adult learning techniques to ensure an entirely customized people development program, which works well in almost any environment.

    “Today, companies are seeking our help based on emerging new paradigms such as low availability of labor; hybrid work environments; untrained and/or underdeveloped leadership teams; as well as other strategic pressures,”– said Mr. Anderson.

    The Future

    LSI’s primary mission is to provide whole-person development through effective coaching programs and innovative learning techniques to develop strong leaders across the planet. In the future, the organization will add several new certification programs for business leaders and professionals. Furthermore, LSI has also teamed up with the Adam County Regional Economic Partnership to assist them in creating and developing their leadership development program, which will provide a range of leadership skills programs for the Adams County Metro Region, Colorado.

    “Most successful companies use the development of a strong leadership team as a strategic weapon against their competitors.”