• Ambassador Application Commitment and Agreement Form

    Program Mission: To support our community through business outreach to new and existing businesses. A key role is to connect businesses to resources, which includes the promotion of the Chamber. Generally, members of this committee are engaged in recruiting, retention, and welcoming businesses in addition to attending Chamber events.

    The Ambassador Program consists of volunteers from the Chamber membership who donate their time to assist the Chamber in various activities. Ambassadors serve a term of one calendar year. Ambassadors can continue to serve after the one-year term if agreed upon by the Ambassador and the Chamber.

    Each new Ambassador will attend a short orientation with Chamber Staff and the Chairperson. The orientation will cover Chamber benefits, services, and marketing opportunities to help familiarize Ambassadors with their role.

    Attributes of an Ambassador include the following:
    • Ambassadors exhibit the goals and ideals of the Westminster Chamber while being permitted to promote their business.
    • Ambassadors must dress and behave professionally when representing the Chamber at any event. (Work uniforms are acceptable professional attire.)
    • Ambassadors generate excitement, enthusiasm, and a sense of camaraderie and support for the community at civic, community, and Chamber events.

    Benefits to Ambassadors:
    As leaders in the business community, Ambassadors find their volunteer experience rewarding by growing professionally and personally through relationship building within the community. Becoming an Ambassador is one of the first steps you can take to become more involved in the Chamber. As an Ambassador you will receive:
    • Greater visibility for your business.
    • Opportunities to interact with new businesses in the Westminster community.
    • Greater opportunity for direct input to the Westminster Chamber of Commerce.
    • Exclusive opportunities and priority invitations to community activities and events.
    • Lasting business relationships and friendships.
    • Leadership and volunteer opportunities within the Chamber and community.

    If selected to serve, you must adhere to the Chamber policies which include but are not limited to - being an active chamber member, no self promotion while you are fulfilling your role as an ambassador, the code of conduct for the chamber, and other policies subject to change. The Chamber reserves the right to inactivate an Ambassador should characteristics and action conflict with our ethos.
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    Point System
    Ambassadors provide an essential service to the Chamber membership and staff. In appreciation for their work, Ambassadors are rewarded with recognition. Each quarter we will have an Ambassador of the Quarter Award that will be awarded to the Ambassador who has earned the most points for that quarter. • Ambassador Meetings 1 point • Ribbon Cuttings 2 points • Chamber Events 2 points • Volunteer Opportunity 2 points • Retention Visit 4 points • New Member Recruited 8 points