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    About Us

    Cooper’s Creek Photography is inspired by my love of the outdoors and photographing people and animals doing what they enjoy!

    I love taking natural casual photos of people, family reunions, pets and events. I enjoy capturing the moment. I am not one to have you pose too much, but your experience of having your photos taken will be fun!

    I grew up in rural Minnesota and spent my days outdoors in the fields, usually with my horses and dogs. I love to water and downhill ski, hike through fields, admire the Colorado mountains and explore different cultures while I travel. I have been to many countries and have wonderful experiences from each, although, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is at the top of my greatest memories.

    People often ask me, “Who is Cooper?” Well, Cooper is a beautiful, goofy, awesome English Setter who loves to relax on the couch, swim, point birds in the yard, and bird hunt in the field. He can be found on a few of the pages and below on this page.

    I am both excited and honored to offer photography services for any of your events, animals enjoying the outdoors, or capturing any special action moments that bring you joy!